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I can’t resist to publish a first post about follower in my Leadership Garden.

I always wanted to be first but, more and more, I find joy in following. All of you may probably know Derek Sivers’s video « How to start a movement ». It highlights the first follower greatness, without him the leader is just a « lone nut ».

have the courage to follow and show others how to follow

Moreover, great inventors always find ideas and inspiration in other’s work. Having the courage to follow is a unique way to really learn and improve yourself.

Do you want to start the journey toward leadership growth? Think to follow those steps:

1. Lead yourself into a continuous learner

As human beings, we need to connect and to interact. We need to learn from others, it begins when we are child, it must continue when we are adults. Learning relies on others.

2. Have the courage to follow

Listen to your gut and your values. Find great thinkers, writers or leaders. Start following them and learning from them. Don’t fall into the trap of blind follower-ship. Think by yourself and define your own way to follow. Be clear on the « why » you are following.

3. Show others how to follow

You know why you follow and how you follow. Explain to others with your words. Stay simple and humble. Always be open to new bees questions. Take time to revisit your assumptions it will help you to avoid the blindness trap.

Oh and by the way, you did it, you are now a leader. Keep going.

Commentaires ( 2 )
  • Simon Bardoux says:

    And, according to you, should we give feedback to our ‘followed’ ?

    Will the ‘followed’/leader maximize his ‘impact’ by receiving direct feedbacks and adjusting, or by letting/fostering his followers share among them their learnings ?

    Sorry for this vague question, but if I completely share your opinion on the greatness of following (thanks for this posts & links!), I’m now curious about the realistic/interesting interactions between a leader and his fellowers, and between followers..

  • alexis8nicolas says:

    Well this is a vaste question! I would say that feedback is always useful, between everyone involved in the same system. Because performance of an organization is not the sum of individual performance, but the multiplication of interactions.
    Regarding your second question, if we take the video from Derek Sivers, all followers share feedback with closest fellows, and they all learn, adjust, and have fun by doing it. But it depends on the context, the only thing to keep in mind is that change comes from inside, thus feedback which has the form of rational explanation is maybe not the best way to maximize impact. The feedback needs to be based on real actions (or questions, or emotions) which are the only fact that can prove the real ethic and values.
    Hope it gives you something to think about :o)

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