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Can managers substitute control by trust?

I recently had this question in reaction to one post of mine where I was defending trustful relationship in our workplace.

Can managers substitute control by trust?

This question was raised with the fact that without enough information, top managers can be forced to control their teams’ work to know where they are and to take proper decisions.

I really think this is not the good question. This is not Trust OR Control, this is all about System design. In old management model, control is a typical manager duty. But you can build system with control built-in.

In knowledge workers environment, Kanban applied to software development is a perfect example where control is built in the system. You can find a meaningful example here where Henrik Kniberg describes a Kanban use case in a large software project.

In car engineering, cruise control lead to stop drivers speed control.

So no trade-off to be made between trust and control:

1/ use systems thinking and build-in control

2/ base all human interactions on trust

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