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An Awesome Week in Flow Land

This week has been awesome, full of learning, sharing, discovering both at #LPD2FR and #LKFR14.

Breaking news: season 3 of #LPD2FR will be online beg 2015

That’s the second time I organize and follow Don Reinertsen’s workshop in France on Lean Product Development 2nd Generation, aka #LPD2FR. I was very happy to see 16 people joining the workshop, 2 from Israel, 1 from London, 1 from Luxembourg, 1 from Montréal, and 11 from France. I’ll publish soon a dedicated blog post on #LPD2FR with feedback from participants, but the important news is that I will reorganize it in 2015! 7 people registered in the last 3 weeks, 2014 season was a success after the first season in 2013. Furthermore 30 people joined Don Reinertsen’s 3 hours workshop at LKFR14 and Joshua Arnold’s track on Cost of Delay was a great success, already 4-5 participants asked me to reorganize #LPD2FR, Stay tuned!

10 Years of Kanban

David Anderson keynote was very interesting (slides here) with a glimpse of all the knowledge created by the worldwide community. I’ve been told that new books are on their way, now that I offered french release of David’s book to all participant, what if #LKFR15 will bring us some new materials on Kanban Portfolio Management, Fitness for Purpose, Modern Management Framework and Enterprise Service Planning?… I’ll definitely join Kanban Leadership Retreat in 2015 to get connected to worldwide Kanban community to share and discover some fresh ideas and knowledge.

Cost of Delay track by Joshua Arnold

It was a great track full of concrete examples on how to calculate cost of delay based on Value and Urgency. I was happy to do it with Don’s advices at my table, working with ex great colleagues Nicolas Morin and Yacine Abid. I’ve better understood the way to calculate cost of delay not just by delaying benefits, but also by integrating cost to the formula which increase even more the cost of delay.

Encourage Acts of Leadership at All Levels

Gery Derbier organized a great track to discuss the 4th principle of Kanban Method: Encourage Acts of Leadership at All Levels. He used Host Leadership to organize it and emphasis the great metaphor hosting is to awesome leadership. I told to Gery that I’ll steal his idea, that’s a great one which can become a way to better understand leadership by experiments, and clarify differences between leadership and leader.

Kanbanzine becomes open-source

You may already heard about that, the project is on its way, very soon a first release will be free to download on Kanbanzine website. The great news about that is it will unleash the power of sharing and co-creating new scenario. I’ve organized one at #LKFR14 and will share it online once improved thanks to Laurent Morisseau and participants. I think also to other scenario using Kanbanzine to introduce to Don Reinertsen’s work… I think I can bring value to all Kanbanzine trainers or players by proposing advanced workshop. More to come in 2015 stay tuned!

The Power of Serious Game

#LKFR14 proposed at every schedule a track of serious game, lots of fun and learning. Following a discussion with Don, I do think that some serious game may have bias in what they want to promote, because a game, with its own rules, can force some conclusions which are faithful based and not scientific based. That’s why I don’t like rigid scenario and rules for serious game. If you want to use a game to learn something, you’d better to study the limits of the rules, how can you hack those rules, how can you help participants to find their own conclusions, how can you help them to break the rules and find better ones, how can you help them to experiment and find by themselves the limits of your own game. That is what I want to explore with advanced Kanbanzine scenario, so participants won’t get « ready to copy-past » knowledge, but scientific principle to get inspiration from to find their own path.

2015 will be exciting

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