Whether you are a leader, a team or an entire organization,
YisY shows the way through 3 services combining coaching, consulting and transformation.

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Our approaches:
  • Have positive economic and social outcomes
  • Favor the emergence of innovative solutions
  • Are deeply grounded in digital culture

  • Let’s meet and talk about them !
    “An organization performance is not the sum of its individuals’ performances but the product of its interactions”

    “Innovation is a gift handed by employees to the enterprise”

    “Management is a social technology, the OS of human systems, it must be updated frequently”

    Interesting? Let’s meet and talk about it!
    Increasing competitiveness does not necessarily have to be at the expense of welfare. The 21st century belongs to those who find ways to combine the two, They do so thanks to an update of their management system!
    Everything accelerates, innovation is vital to sustainably grow. Creativity is within, call on all of your employees to unleash it!
    You have the tools but the expected transformation has not taken place? Digital is not just about tools. Initiate a sustainable cultural transformation respectful of the individuals!